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Delightful find!

By   January 21, 2016

Friend Mike sent along this Hackaday link on reverse engineering of some cheap chinese digital radio.  Since I dabble in digital radios at work it was of particular interest.  That article led me to downloading an issue of PoCk||GTFO which I had never encountered before.  A publication dedicated to reverse engineering or a glimpse into what the infinite monkeys are up to.  The writing is curiously delightful, most especially in the article on hacking a digital pregnancy test, e.g,

You can either look up the battery type to confirm it’s 3V, or just read the CE-mark label on the outside of the DPT that lists the part number, lot data, confirmation that this test is made by SPD GmbH out of Geneva, Switzerland (made in China), and that the test runs on 3V DC. Safety first, kids.

I spent my ‘hack time’ this morning reading this. [Aside: Usually I don’t allow myself the pleasure of ‘reading the internets’ in the mornings since I am smartest at 5AM and then become progressively more stupid as the day goes on.  By 21:30, I’m a drooling sack of meat barely capable of walking up the stairs to bed.   So I want to use my smart time for haxx0ring before I have to put it all down and head to work.]